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Benefits of EnDetect


Track and record all your employee working on computers anywhere from the world.

View your employee screen anytime, anywhere.

Trace if your employee is stealing your valuable data or customer leads.


impact of software


Company growth

This software enables you to track your employees productivity and performance. Just having this software installed on your employees PC will ensure better performance of your employee.



Save money on Internet bills, EnDetect will track all Internet usage and activity and make sure no employee can misuse Internet.


Data Leakage Prevention

This software can track all file and text copy paste activity, file copy activity and storage device inserts. You can track if some of your employee is copying or sending any data to your competitors for their own benefit.


Real time monitoring

You can monitor your employee in real time, in every 10 minutes, this software will fetch Screenshot of EnDetect protected computer. Apart from this you can take snapshot anytime using On-Demand snapshot feature of the software.



Monthly Package
1000 /month/user
  • Attendance
  • Activity Reporting
  • 24 hour support
Annual Package
700 /month/user
(Billed Annually)
  • Attendance
  • Activity Reporting
  • 24 hour support

Key Features


Tracks and records all activity of your employee's computer


Tracks all activity in real-time, you can see live activity in webpanel


Logs all text typed and copied


Logs file copy operations


Logs storage device inserts (Pen Drive, Hard Disk etc)


Fetches snapshot of your computer every 10 minutes


You can view screen of any computer by using On-Demand snapshot feature


Logs computer's start and shutdown time


how it works


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